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    base metal thickness represents 95% of the design Designator system: thickness. S = Stud or Joist Sections T = Track Sections U = Channel Sections F = Furring Channels Section 600 S 162 - 54 FLANGE WIDTH: (Example: 1 5/8” = 162 x 1/100 inches) All flange widths are taken in 1/100 inches. Example: MEMBER DEPTH:

  2. 150 F 125 - 18 - MBA Building Supplies

    Furring Channel. Furring Channel may be used for furring masonry walls and ceiling assemblies or in any other typical wall furring or cross-furring or framing application. Furring channel is available in 7/8” and 1-1/2” heights. Bearing surface is 1-1/4”. Furring channel is …

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